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[TIPark Seminar] Doing Business in China: Legal Tips

Are you interested in having your startup project in China? Or, if you already established your business in Silicon Valley, are you interested in exploring the incredible opportunities in a market with 1.35 billion people? How to make sure you comply with all relevant laws and regulations in China? How to get financing for your business in China from local investors there? As the investment law in China has been revolutionarily reformed in 2014, what are the key changes? If any of the questions is on your mind, please come to the presentation made by Dr. Pengpeng Zhan, partner of HIWAYS LAW OFFICES, with its head office in Shanghai. He will share his thoughts about the legal and compliance practice in China and his experience in helping entrepreneurs finance their businesses in China

Event Details:

Time: 2PM Saturday (April 26th)

Address: TIPark Silicon Valley, 1601 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035

Language: English

Guest speaker:

- Dr. Pengpeng Zhan, Partner, HIWAYS LAW OFFICES (Haihua Yongtai Law Firm)

Dr. Zhan got his Ph.D from Fudan University Law School and did a post-doctoral research at Fudan University Venture Capital Research Center.

Dr. Zhan is a partner of HIWAYS LAW OFFICES (Haihua Yongtai Law Firm), a law firm leading in Shanghai, especially in legal services relating to corporate finance and transnational investment. As an attorney admitted in 2004, he helps entrepreneurs with their legal, compliance and financing. He advises many international investors for their businesses in China.

Dr. Zhan published one book and around 30 papers in various topics, such as transnational contracts, liquidation of foreign-invested companies in China, government regulation on foreign VC/PE funds in China, the protection of intellectual property, and the Chinese legislations on VC/PE industry.

Dr. Zhan is elected as a commissioner to Investment Funds Research Commission of Shanghai Bar Association. He is also invited to be the legal advisor to Shanghai Financial News.

Dr. Zhan is a frequent speaker at conferences in China. In U.S., he spoke about venture financing, transnational investment and other topics at events in Texas, New York and Silicon Valley in recent years.

Currently Dr. Zhan is studying at University of California Hastings Law School, preparing for California Bar Exam in July 2014 and would like to support emerging technology companies both here and in China in the future.

About TIPark Silicon Valley:

TIPark Silicon Valley is an US-China technology start-up incubator based in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. Founded in 2013, TIPark Silicon Valley is a joint project between THTI Holdings Co. and Zhongguancun Science Park. It aims to encourage start-up companies in both US and China to go beyond the border, to expand overseas market and to promote business communication and cooperation between Silicon Valley and China. TIPark Silicon Valley features nearly 50, 000 square feet office space and is now located in Milpitas, California.

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