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Featured Companies

HS Instruments was founded by Kai, David and Shaoqing, who are mainly alumni of Tsinghua and Stanford. HS uses the next generation of laser absorption technologies to analyze gas concentration for a variety of applications, including environmental monitoring and protection, industrial process monitoring, etc. They have completed the first generation prototype development, which can monitor CH4 concentration to the precision of sub-ppb level. They are currently working on prototype generation 2 and actively raising money to move the production back to China by the summer of 2014.

HS Instrument

AppEx Networks

Established in 2006, AppEx Networks is a leader in web performance optimization and developed robust learning-based acceleration products for web, mobile and cloud applications.


AppEx differentiates itself from the other players by providing advanced Learning-Based Acceleration™ technology featuring asymmetric web performance acceleration capabilities that adapt to the unique network connection characteristics of each session.


Today, AppEx Learning-Based Acceleration™ products have gained wide acceptance among Internet service providers, government agencies, educational institutions, small-medium businesses and large enterprises, including global Fortune 500 companies.


Headquartered in Cupertino, California, AppEx Networks has more than 100 employees worldwide.

We develop linkage and build an eco community for global chinese families , focusing on QUALITY & TRUST between  Consumers and family life products & solution service vendors.  We aimed at developing a self-sustained community away from mainstream marketplace to resume the old time neighborhood life style on internet, where people can know each other and have ablility to judge and choose what to buy because they are not brain-washed by public commercials.  We attract people with same value system of distinctive creativity, quality & integrity, bringing back trust to shopping.


We focus on new trends of family life products and services ,  integrating small but special quality vendors at their early stage when they focus on delivering value rather than operating margin.  We specially like those products that can be hardly found in mass market, or are not easily differenciated without proper education and reliable source of information.



Thunder Software Technology Co., Ltd. (“Thundersoft”) was established in March 2008 and is a state-certified high-tech enterprise. Since its inception, ThunderSoft has been committed to helping customers achieve competitive mobile Internet terminals through the overall mobile terminal solutions.It has now become the world leading mobile Internet operating system and solutions provider.

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